Why work with a generalist, when you can get a team of specialists!

Xeo Marketing - a team of independent consultants, specializes in providing modern and traditional marketing solutions to organizations in high-tech, telco & cyber security sector.

Specialize in the High-tech sector:

Our consultants have years of experience working in the high tech corporate sector. We understand your need to stay competitive and profitable while quickly taking the product to the market before the technology evolves yet again. Our marketing approach is to develop a quick and efficient go-to-market and launch strategy for your product and to simultaneously deploy it on multiple the marketing vehicles to spread the word fast and wide.

Global presence local expertise:

We have local consultants in over 25 countries and a collaborative platform that allows them to brainstorm for ideas and exchange success stories.

Avant-garde and ever evolving:

As your marketing experts we understand that to stay competitive you need the latest and the most advanced marketing vehicles available. We are constantly developing newer strategies and trying various tactics to ensure you get fresh ideas for all your campaigns. We provide extensive training to all our consultants to help them stay in tune with the latest marketing tactics. We also have mandatory brainstorming sessions globally to explore and create innovative marketing ideas.

Grow your business

Whether you need to outsource your marketing or need a team of experts for a one-time high profile project...we have a solution for you.

United we conquer!

As a Consultant with us you have a proven stream of revenue whether you join on a full or part time basis or just as an advisory consultant.

Our Experience

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Our Story

Organization powered by a team of young marketing consultants that specialize in delivering effective marketing and communications solution to the high-tech industry.

Xeo Marketing and Strategic Consultancy

Head office Location:

3rd Floor, 7111 Syntax Dr.

Mississauga. Ont. L5N 8C3

US office Location:

50 Fountain Plaza, Suite 1400

Buffalo, NY 14202

Get in touch

Toll Free Phone: 1 844-936-0011

E-mail: info@xeo.marketing

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