Facebook finally outlines its advertising principles

Facebook finally outlines its advertising principles

Facebook has faced a lot of flak for its advertising principles, or the lack of it. From reports establishing Russian entities attempt to sway last year’s US presidential election to enabling discrimination against minorities and targeting ads to members of hate groups, there have been many instances of the flawed advertising principles Facebook had been offering.

The dark side of Facebook’s ad business has been in limelight for quite some time and the company is trying to shift the focus to its bright side along with how its platform can be misused.

Facebook published the blog post on Monday which you can check here. Rob Goldman, VP of ad products mentioned the principles “While the world and our services are always evolving, we thought it would be helpful to lay out the principles that guide our decision making when it comes to advertising across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.”

Facebook’s advertising principles include protecting people’s personal information and not intending to sell name, Facebook posts, email address or phone numbers to anyone. Additionally, Facebook also mentioned that users can control what ads they can see, the advertisements should be safe and civil without being discriminatory and Facebook is constantly working to improve their advertising.

These advertising principles aren’t new to Facebook, the company is putting a bow on them. The actual impact of these principles on the advertising platform remains unclear.

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