Here at Xeo Marketing, we do it all! Whether your company needs help with web design, market research, or branding, our team has the expertise to help your company navigate the digital world. We stay on top of industry trends in marketing, such as personalization and a renewed emphasis on customer experience. We believe that we are one of the best firms in our industry and new research by Clutch and their sister site; The Manifest proves that to be the case.

Clutch is a Washington, DC-based B2B research and reviews firm that looks to connect business buyers with the best service providers. Companies from all over the world and from hundreds of different industries have profiles on Clutch. Clutch’s research methodology revolves around client feedback. They collect reviews by having their analysts personally interview former clients. One of our former clients told Clutch:

“They revised everything to suit our needs and were committed to delivering results.” – Founder, NaviTek

Xeo Marketing can be found on Clutch’s list of the best market research agencies, and we’ve been named as one of the 50 best web development companies in Canada by The Manifest. Xeo Marketing can be found on Visual Objects’ list of the top web designers, a new platform highlighting companies with strong portfolios on Clutch.

“We are very excited to be recognized as Canada’s Top Strategic Marketing company for the technology sector. What makes this award very real is the way Clutch utilizes validated customer feedback to rank an organization. this interesting and novel methodology ensures unbiased selection and makes it more trustworthy by the business buyer.”

We’d like to thank our clients for their kind words; without them, these awards wouldn’t have been possible!

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