Alphabet announces $27.8 billion in revenue for third quarter 2017

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Alphabet, the Google’s parent company has announced third-quarter results. The company reported $27.8 billion in total revenues, up by 24%.

Advertising generated over $24 billion in quarterly revenue. Here’s a breakdown of revenue by segments-

1. Google Network- $4.3 billion

2. Google Properties- $19.7 billion

3. Google other revenue- $3.4 billion

and other bets revenue was $302 billion.

Traffic acquisition cost rose to $3.1 billion compared to $2.6 billion a year ago.

The growth in paid click was significant, however, Cost Per Click was down by 18 percent as compared to the previous year but was 1 percent higher than the previous quarter. Additionally, Alphabet now has 78,000 employees as compared to 70,000 last year.

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