MSPs, especially the ones that are still new to Social Media Marketing, may find it difficult to produce meaningful content for their audience every day. Company accounts are not like personal profiles where you post when you want to. For business profiles, it is essential to maintain consistency when sharing content to keep your audience engaged. in

As mentioned in our Digital Marketing guide, planning content in advance is one of the four fundamental steps. Continue reading if you are worried about running out of ideas after the 3rd post. As your partner-in-success, we have prepared a content calendar for an entire month.

Download the Content Calendar for MSPs and use it for future reference or to share with your team!

Content Calendar for MSPs - Preview

This Content Calendar helps you with ideas for at least one post/day. You can use free tools like Hootsuite or Zoho Social, to schedule posts ahead. However, planning ahead or scheduling your posts doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. In our exciting IT world, things change every day. Be sure to listen to the news, your vendors and competitors and adjust your posts accordingly.

Xeo also recommends you to retweet/share your partners’ and industry influencers’ posts frequently. We do the same for our clients to establish thought-leadership and stay relevant to the most trending content.

If you need any assistance with your social media marketing planning and implementation, schedule a free consultation session with one of our experts.

Jack Tran

Jack Tran

Jack Tran is a Digital Marketing professional at Xeo Marketing & Strategic Consultancy. He has experience working on social media marketing and content marketing for a wide range of industries including Technology, Education, Hospitality and Fitness & Wellness. Jack is helping several clients at Xeo grow their digital presence and drive valuable leads with his expertise.

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