Did you know that 59% of B2B respondents say that marketing emails influence their purchase decision? Source: Hubspot

Email is one of the most influential channels of communications for B2B audiences, making email marketing a very effective way for businesses to reach their prospects, promote their brand and connect with their audience. 

However, what might have worked a few years ago is less likely to work in this new digital-first era. Today, the success of an email marketing campaign depends on various factors like personalization, content brevity, relevance, time of syndication, etc. Among these factors, a relevant email subject line is by far the very first parameter and arguably the most important parameter that can contribute to the success of a campaign.

The engagement rate of your email marketing audience is directly proportional to the open rate of your email. Based on the 5-year average of the email campaigns we have sent on behalf of our telecom & IT reseller community, we found that 25-30% of readers that open an email tend to engage with the content and click on the call-to-action (CTA) button. The conversion rate for the readers that engage with the CTA button is 70% or higher. Hence, a higher open-rate means a higher chance of your email copy getting read, resulting in more clicks and more responses to your email campaign.

Isn’t that great news? You need to focus on that one opener! 

Implement these proven Best Practices for Writing Email Subject Lines For MSPs to get your emails noticed in less than 3 seconds.  

The more eye-catching your email subject line is the more chances that your audience will open it. It also needs to be crisp and without clutter as it summarizes the content of your email. As the caretaker of a business client’s network infrastructure, communications and security, MSPs have access to several factors that can contribute to a good subject line.

As a marketing company that works extensively with MSPs, VARs, and telecom resellers, we at Xeo Marketing have compiled the most tantalizing factors that may contribute to a subject line with high open-rate. The top factors that we recommend include

Factors that contribute to a good subject line: 

  1. Fear of Missing Out
  2. Curiosity
  3. Urgency
  4. Relevancy & Personalization

email marketing tips for MSPs

Fear of Missing Out:

Will you click on an email subject line which reads:

“Act now, or miss out on the deal” 

“Don’t Miss Out” 

“Limited Time | 30% off on all handsets”

Emails that target the fear of missing out (FOMO), or a pain point, triggers the primary psychological aspect of the customer, triggering them into making a decision right away. 

Using FOMO as a technique in the B2B industry becomes easy when you know your audience well. Pick a relevant pain-point and wrap your email subject line around that, presenting it in the form of FOMO. It makes your audience take immediate action instinctively.

As a managed service provider, if you reach out to them with a warning – they are more likely to heed and is particularly useful if you are providing solutions like CyberSecurity, Business Continuity or DRaaS solutions. 

Make sure that the content included in the email is educational and promotional – not just a sales pitch, or you may lose credibility. 


Pose a Question and make the audience think! Your aim is to pique their curiosity or capture their interest. 

Use an email line like: “Sneak peek at our new backup service feature”

Grab the attention of your audience by providing them with an opener that has just enough information to get them interested enough to want to read more. The open- rate of such emails with cliffhanger subject lines is usually high. Remember, even your B2B audience is a human brimming with curiosity which makes it easy for you to engage them with tantalizing email subject lines like:  

“Don’t open this email” Or

“Are  your remote employees actually working?”

The gap in knowledge formula works like a fire. How? 

“Here is what we found in our recent survey on Tech trends! & it is epic”

A quest for knowledge and a curiosity gap will lead the audience to click.


Urgency is another proven marketing strategy! 

All your marketing campaigns should address two pertinent questions for your audience – Why You – Why Now? Why should a customer buy from you and, why should they take action right now!  @Xeomarketing @madiyaneha             

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Use words like ‘Urgent’, ‘Last Day’, ‘Ends Today’, where the user feels compelled to take action immediately. 

Replace soft sentences like “We Have An Offer”, with openers that drive urgency like “ACTION REQUIRED: Your Phone System is Reaching End of Life on July 31st, 2020”.  

Such openers make your B2B audience react instinctively, resulting in a high response rate. A message which compels the audience to take immediate action or drives some sense of urgency gets the attention faster. Your audience will certainly react to an email opener like this: “Last Chance! 50% discount on Cloud Services ends today”

Shifting from a soft sentence to urgency-driving openers increased the open-rate for our MSP email campaigns by almost 30%.

how MSPs can boost email marketing open rates

Relevancy & Personalization:

Think about this: What would an open-rate be if you send an email with the subject line:

“Must have for your New Office (include the location/address of the new office)” Or

 “An add-on for your existing CRM (add the name of the CRM the customer uses)”

Needless to say, readers tend to react more to an email relevant to them and even better if it’s personalized for them. When you address your reader’s specific needs or requirements, it not only gives a feeling of importance but also establishes a connection with your audience instigating loyalty. Personalization works wonders and is an excellent strategy for all forms of demand generation campaigns, including email marketing. 

A personalized email, of course, requires you to know your target audience. Any good CRM or data management system can help you create segments of clients with the same CRM system or identify clients that have recently made a “move” request or a “add” request for a new location. While you are creating a general email subject line – by personalizing for the right segment and with the proper tags, you can create an impression that you are sending a dedicated email to the reader. 

You can provide the details of the offer inside the email content. The chances to get a response to such emails are high due to relevancy when compared to other emails that have misleading or false promises in their subject line. Agree?

Download now: Top 10 best subject lines to boost open rates for MSPs in 2020

Are you planning an Email blast soon? Consider this:

In the modern email world, to drive better results and save yourself from falling in the “Unsubscribe” category, you have to cater to the real-time experiences that customers seek. Embrace the personalization and click on the “Send” button to your segmented audience to reach humans and not just inboxes.

Email segmentation and personalization remain effective email marketing strategies, especially in the pandemic work environment of 2020 and beyond. Try these simple Email Personalization Tips and start drafting your dream email today. Create solid connections with just a few magical words in the subject line. Craft personalized email subject lines that can make the lead-nurturing-journey successful.

 A/B Testing

If you are looking to get repeat business as well as new customers, focus on improving conversion rates through A/B testing. Use different versions of subject lines with the same email to understand how a small change can have an impact on the open-rate results.

Smart brands are now using dynamic new-gen email marketing features clubbed with all the above suggestions to meet the customers growing expectations of brand experience. 

Keep the Customers journey in mind while creating your Email Marketing Campaign. 

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Getting an audience to love you as a sender is really no easy task. At Xeo, we have a full range of outsourced marketing services, from website designing, social media, email marketing, content development to Reporting and Monitoring.

To design your next successful Email Marketing Campaign, and see a high level of email engagement, Get in touch with Xeo Marketing, and we’d be happy to execute your plan. 

We are curious to know the best subject line you ever sent or received. Drop in the comments below.

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