Producing engaging content that resonates with your audience at each buying stage is one of the main challenges faced by a B2B Technology company, and producing content consistently is the next challenge.

The secret behind successful content marketing is having a strategy and creating the magical and magnetic content with the 3 C’s – Create Content Consistently.

Why is content marketing strategy most recommended for tech companies, and what can you do?

When people are looking for technology solutions, their first action in the cycle would be to look for information online. These unique users or prospects would expect you to have a high-quality presence about your solution/product online. That’s where your content marketing strategy would come in to educate and create awareness while strategically targeting your prospects in their buying cycle.

Gather useful information from your various analytical tools to gain a better understanding of your core customers. Once your target audience is clear, you can identify related topics and work to optimize your content.  Content guides your audience to your landing page. The presence of a strong lead magnet can delight the visitor to click on your call-to-action. 

How to use content to drive demand for your Technology solution?

Content-Marketing Strategy For Tech Companies

Let’s consider turkey meat and its slices.

Turkey Slices:

These are short to medium content types that require less time than creating turkey meat/big content types. 

  • Goal: To drive quality leads to turkey meat (big content)
  • Example: Blogs, videos, infographics, smaller webinars, case studies, smaller snippets posted in forums and other groups that link back to the main content.

Turkey Meat:

This type of content is of high quality and requires a lot of time to create and resource it.

  • Goal: This type of content will drive leads for your company.
  • Example: Research reports, analyst reports, events, webinars, whitepapers, ROI studies, and ebooks.

When people enjoy the turkey slices content and engage with the main content (turkey meat), the traffic arriving at the turkey is more powerful and has higher conversion chances. This drives organic traffic to your main content and is a scalable way to generate consistent and qualified leads.

Benefits of turkey content model:

  • More organic traffic directed to your main content
  • Creates an effective funnel
  • Generates warm leads
  • High conversion rates

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