Managed Service Providers world is different from an average B2B small-medium business. You need to not only sell your value to your customers, but you must also educate them on various technologies. You have a longer sales cycle and are often swamped with managing your current customers. Therefore, you don’t have time to drive new business or to run marketing programs to drive more leads. 

Most MSPs that work with Xeo asked us: How can we be more efficient with our marketing activities?

Our answer is: Repurpose your content!

What is repurposing content?

Repurposing content is reusing existing content or parts of existing content to maximize the reach of the content.

There are different platforms for you to share your content, including Social Media, Email Marketing, Advertising, etc. If you create separate content for each platform, the workload is huge, which you won’t have time for.

Repurposing content allows you to scale your content and spread the message and value in the existing content on different platforms, to different audiences.

For example:

You hosted a webinar on software-defined networking and generated a few leads. Should you stop there? Absolutely not!

You can:

  • Create a landing page on your website and use the webinar recording as gated content, which is essentially a lead generator.
  • Write a 300-word blog article to summarize the key takeaways of the webinar and link it to the webinar landing page
  • Cut 5 20-second videos out of the webinar recording and use them for social media content to drive traffic to the main landing page. Don’t forget to tag any guest speakers or webinar participants that are on the video.
  • Create social media posts on the Q&As in the webinar that direct to the main landing page.
  • Tweak the copy in the blog article you wrote for a drip-email campaign for your existing database.

This way, you can keep generating leads from the webinar with reduced effort for creating new content.

Why should you repurpose your content?

Save time:

Instead of constantly creating new content, you can use what you already have to quickly create more digestible content for your audience.

Deliver your message:

For content like webinar recordings, long-form blog articles or ebooks, there are a few points you would like to address or educate your customers on. However, not many people will sit through the whole webinar or read every word in your articles or ebooks.

Repurposing your content allows you to pick a key message, transform it into a bite-size format that your audience can easily digest and create interest and drive them to the main content. (Why do you think movie trailers exist?)

Improve the efficiency of your Marketing activities:

Get more results out of less work. Instead of creating all of your content from scratch, you can still publish fresh content while generating more traffic, leads and revenue from your existing content.

About Xeo Marketing:

Powered by experienced industry experts, Xeo Marketing works exclusively with companies in the high tech sector.

Xeo helps B2B Technology companies capture the market share and grow their revenue share. We provide them with result-driven growth strategies and marketing services.  Xeo’s best practices include innovative ways to combine new marketing channels like social media and mobile with traditional marketing platforms for optimized results that leverage the best of both worlds.

Jack Tran

Jack Tran

Jack Tran is a Digital Marketing professional at Xeo Marketing & Strategic Consultancy. He has experience working on social media marketing and content marketing for a wide range of industries including Technology, Education, Hospitality and Fitness & Wellness. Jack is helping several clients at Xeo grow their digital presence and drive valuable leads with his expertise.

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