In the Managed Service Provider world, the time you have for Marketing is limited. When it comes to Content Marketing for MSPs, repurposing content is a tactic Xeo highly recommends to increase the efficiency of your marketing activities.

If you are not familiar with the concept, read our previous article where we discuss what repurposing content is and how it helps you save time on marketing efforts.

Now, let’s get tactical!

How to optimize the repurposed content to drive more traffic, engagements and leads

Identify the right content to repurpose

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe is definitely not the way. Creating random content will give you random results and in most cases, waste your time.

Assess the performance of your existing content based on metrics like traffic, views, impressions, engagements, leads, revenue, etc. Tools like Google Analytics and the built-in analytics on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter can give you an idea of your content performance.

Based on your Marketing objectives, you can pick the metric you want to prioritize and pick the content to repurpose accordingly.

For example:

You have 5 blog articles on the Business Phone Solution topic. Your objective is to educate your audience on how a Business Phone Solution can help remote workers.

The article that you should pick to repurpose is the one that discusses the remote working benefits and has received high visits and high time spent on page.

content marketing for MSPs to drive more traffic, engagements andleads

Content Marketing tips to maximize the reach and engagements

The rule is: make it easy for your audience to consume your content.

Let’s continue the blog article example. After picking an article, now you can:

  • Create 5 – 7 social media posts using the catchy phrases in the article. Keep most social posts short and sweet – a tweet size would be ideal. Link them back to the article.
  • If the article mentions technical terms, create posts explaining those terms/abbreviations. Link them back to the article.
  • Visualize some key points in the article, create 1 or 2 PDFs for LinkedIn content. Link them back to the article. (If you don’t have Adobe Suite, tools like Canva or event PowerPoint can do the trick)
  • If there’s a video that relates to the article, make sure you set up a thumbnail image and include subtitles if possible. Not everyone turns on the autoplay on their social media, a thumbnail image is the first thing that catches their eyes and notifies what the content is about. Also, not everyone keeps the sound on, the subtitle helps them understand your videos without having to listen to it.
  • You can also send out an e-blast summarizing the article to your database. Remember to use bullets, instead of paragraphs in the copy. Add up to 2 images if they help to demonstrate the message. 

The easier you help your audience understand your content, the more likely you will gain more eyeballs and engagements. 

Be mindful of the small things like the copy length, the text you put on graphics, thumbnail images, subject lines, etc! They can determine if potential customers will stop scrolling to read your posts, open your emails, spend 10” on your videos or not. These moments surely add up to build your brand awareness and relationship with your audience.

Jack Tran

Jack Tran

Jack Tran is a Digital Marketing professional at Xeo Marketing & Strategic Consultancy. He has experience working on social media marketing and content marketing for a wide range of industries including Technology, Education, Hospitality and Fitness & Wellness. Jack is helping several clients at Xeo grow their digital presence and drive valuable leads with his expertise.

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