Effective Case Study Template for MSPs to Close Leads in the Pipeline

Download Case Study Template for MSPs

Case studies are a great closing tool for MSPs. Managed Service Providers are recommended to share a service-specific case study with leads in their pipeline. Sending this short document to your leads can showcase your expertise and a success story on the solutions you are selling. This is why Xeo creates a case study template for MSPs!

You can consider a case study as a longer version of a testimonial with more details on the challenge, the solutions and the results you bring. (And yes, you should include a testimonial in your case studies!)

An effective case study is one that tells a story that your potential customers can relate to. From the initial challenges or issues to how you came in and saved the day! In your sales pitches and meetings, you tell what you can do. A case study can prove what you say is true and that you can do the job!

In this Case Study Template for MSPs, we discuss how to pick a client that is worth featuring in a case study and list down all the points you should cover in each of the 5 sections:

  1. About Customer
  2. The Challenge
  3. The Solutions
  4. The Outcome
  5. About Your MSPs

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Download Case Study Template for MSPs